Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

Polish and Deco warranty

  • Warranty does not cover the polish damage caused by physical damage, extreme temperature, humidity, or liquid spills.
  • ‘Deco’ finished products are not covered in the warranty.


  • All furniture is fumigated and stored in a secure environment.
  • The claim will be entertained only if the customer finds traces of termite / like insects in wooden furniture within a period of one month from delivery and after inspection of customer premises for other termite infestation.
  • One-year warranty in case of termite attack in local-made furniture.

Structure & Hardware

  • Al Mateen Furniture provides one year warranty for the structure of Local-made Furniture.
  • No warranty of hardware and channels.
  • Warranty does not cover damages caused by mishandling.
  • Warranty shall stand null and void if installations of Al Mateen Furniture products are not carried out by OUR staff


As per market norms, there is no warranty for upholstery, however upholstery of furniture will remain best if proper care instructions are followed.

Sofa foam warranty

Warranty for sofa foam depends on foam manufacturer's warranty.


  • Warranty of mattresses is subject to terms mentioned in manufacturer’s warranty card provided separately at the time of delivery
  • Customers should approach the manufacturer directly in case of any claim.

Mirrors & Glass Tops

  • Mirror & Glass Tops are not covered in warranty; customers are advised to properly check these at the time of delivery for immediate replacement in case of any issue.
  • All glass tops and mirrors should be wiped with dry cloths/glass cleaners.
  • Claims after acceptance of order cannot be entertained.

Imported Furniture

  • All Outdoor & Imported furniture is not covered under the standard AlMateen Furniture warranty unless stated otherwise in writing by the company.